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Trial Lesson &

Admission Process

  1. The following information applies to domestic students living in Japan.

  2. Check our practice schedule and book your free trial lesson online.

  3. To prevent the spread of viral infections such as colds & flu, please assess your own physical condition before participating in classes.

  4. For trial lessons, please come in clothing that is easy to move in, such as athletic wear. Jeans and skirts are inappropriate. Practice will be done barefoot. Wear deodorant, but please refrain from using perfume or cologne.

  5. If you wish to enroll as a member, pick up or download (link below) an application form and submit it with ¹Admission Fee, ²Tuition Fee & ³Insurance Fee.

Local Student Fees

Admission Fee

¥5,500 (tax included)
*Additional family members pay ¥1,100


¥9,900 for 2 months (tax included)

*Paid 2 months in advance (¥4,500 x 2) 

Annual Injury Insurance
Junior high school & below ¥800
Senior high school & above ¥1,850

International Visitor Fees

Reservation required for dojo visitation.

Free trial lessons are not available to international visitors.

Individual Membership

¥2,000 (valid 12 months)


¥2,000 (regular scheduled classes)

*Private lessons available upon request


Black, cotton do-gi sets, consisting of pants, jacket & belt.

105cm-114cm  (¥6,650) 
115cm-124cm  (
125cm-134cm  (
135cm-144cm  (
145cm-154cm  (
155cm-164cm  (
165cm-174cm  (
175cm-184cm  (
185cm-194cm  (

Uniforms can be purchased independently or via the dojo. We purchase directly from the manufacturer on behalf of the student. Price increases may occur from time-to-time and are beyond our control. When ordering multiple uniforms, shipping discounts may apply. Made from 100% cotton, with 5% shrinkage expected.

Students enrolled in adult classes are also required to purchase a wooden sword. 



Gradings for children are held twice a year. Adults are assessed on an individual basis. Rather than meeting rigid syllabus guidelines, children consolidate what they have learned over the past 6 months in a enbu-style demonstration. The teacher is looking for all-round growth, as opposed to the memorization of fixed kata alone. 

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